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May 2013 Newsletter
Posted by Administrator to Newsletters

dakota stones for design that rock

May Newsletter
by Tia Darst

In This Month's Newsletter:

Store Solutions NOW OPEN

Limited Editions

Stone of the Month Information (May)

Show Schedule


I am so excited to announce that our Store Solutions section on our website has FINALLY launched! Our intention is to create a community for Bead Stores to easily shop online, share and swap ideas, and take advantage of the awesome deals that we'll be offering exclusively to Bead Stores.

Did you know that if you buy 8" strands in bundles of 5 from our Store Solutions you automatically receive 60% off and FREE Shipping for all orders over $100!


NEW "Limited Edition" Every month, I will announce the Limited Editions in the monthly Newsletter (like this one), and ONLY Bead Stores are able to Purchase these items 1st before we offer them site wide.

NEW "Deal of the Month" Every month, I will send out an email detailing the Deals of the Month that are only available to Bead Stores. These are items we are closing-out on so you will receive ROCK BOTTOM prices! (no pun intended...hehe)

LIMITED EDITIONS FOR MAY (exclusively offered to Bead Stores 1st!)

Stone of the Month
May's Stone of the Month:
Necklace Designed by Tia Darst

Mexican Red Snowflake Jasper:

This Mexican mined stone is a variation of Obicular Jasper (also known as Ocean Jasper). It consists of warm contrasting colors, nice dark reds, blacks, oranges and browns. Metaphysically, it offers a powerful protection against negativity and eases emotional stresses.

Hardness: 7.0

Upcoming Stone of the Month:

June: Blue/Green Quartz *tentative

July: Turritella *tentative

The stone of the month program is available exclusively to bead stores. Find out more about the stone of the month program. email: tia@dakotastones.com


Show Schedule

Upcoming Bead Shows:

JUNE 6 - 9

Milwaukee, WI


Tia Darst

Seize the Day and make Art that ROCKS!

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