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Obsidian | Holistic Properties
Posted by Dakota Stones to Articles
Holistic Properties of Obsidian
Obsidian is a glassy form of volcanic lava that has cooled so quickly its myriad of individual minerals were unable to form into their own crystals. As a natural glass, obsidian is considered to be a "rock", not an individual "mineral" and, as such, it can have its own metaphysical properties as well as the properties of each of its component minerals. Because of this, obsidian contains many potent sources of energy from fire, earth and water.*
Metaphysically, obsidian is thought to be a stone of healing, protection and clarity. When worn around the neck, it acts as a shield against negative energy and emotional stress. It is thought to help cleanse the mind and draw out buried issues that cause tension and anxiety. Once these negative energies are released, obsidian will help to keep the space protected.

It is a very grounding stone, relating primarily to the root chakra, and is said to benefit the stomach, intestines and muscle tissue. It is thought to sharpen and focus intuition, vision, and to help cut through life's illusions. This sharpness is also represented in it's physical property, as obsidian produces a smooth and even edge. It has been used in various tools such as blades, surgical scalpels and arrows throughout the centuries.

*A special 'Thank You' to Ken Rogers for sharing his expertise for this article.
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