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Tucson 2013
Posted by Administrator to News & Events


Photos from our travel team:

Owner Jeff Elvin, Tia Darst, Andy McMorrow, & Derek McMorrow

Dakota Stones was at two shows this year: Gem Mall & Grant Inn:

All of these showroom pictures are from this year's Gem Mall.

We spent some time wondering through the shows, and Jeff met a statue giving away free high fives and couldn't resist.

These fun and beautiful ladies are our friends from Bead World. Have you ever gone swimming in Dakota Stones? Time to add that to your bucket list.

In the downtime, sometimes we were making important phone calls...

... and sometimes we were disc golfing. A favorite hobby of the McMorrow brothers, usually this happened every morning before the show starts.

The Cougars were out...
If you didn't know where to find them, now you've got a good place to start looking.

Dakota Stones loves nature - when it wasn't about the shows, disc golfing, or having after-show drinks, it was about hiking together, beautiful cacti, found rock pile sculptures, and a relaxing with a dessert sunset or two.

And here's another gratuitous picture of cacti.... as
Andy would say, "Why have just one when you can have Tucson?"

These rocks, rock.

What was your favorite part of Tucson? Did you get a chance to see us? We were fortunate to be able to travel and meet our customers and colleagues across the country. We're already looking forward to spending part of the Fall back in Tucson, and seeing the rest of you back at the shows next year. If you didn't make it to Tucson, we hope to see you at one of our other events.

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