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Turquoise: What You Want To Know...
Posted by Erin to Articles
All turquoise isn't created equal. Obviously, we see variations in stones from different locations, and we know that sometimes what a vendor sells as "turquoise" may be dyed howlite.

We've located a great source for natural North American Turquoise - one that knows the ins and outs of the mining and stabilizing of each stone. They stand by their products as 100% genuine, and untreated (read: no dye!) beyond their proprietary stabilization process.

Erin, Dakota Stones
(FYI, stabilization is standard in turquoise beads today. The stones with both good natural hardness and color are mostly mined out, and, if found, are incredibly expensive. Sooo, the Turquoise in the mines today isn't hard enough and would crumble if drilled or shaped without stabilization.)

***Check out this week's dsSchool of Rocks episode where Erin explains our new source for North American Turquoise, spotting quality and the stabilization process.***

Caballo Campitos Turquoise 9-10mm Nuggets
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