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What's With This Pantone Thing?
Posted by Erin to Articles
Serenity: Pantone Color 2016
DS Stone: Angelite
A brief history:
Technically Pantone is actually Pantone, Inc. The company is best known for the Pantone Matching System, which is a proprietary color organization system. It became widespread in the printing industry as a common way to delineate the CMYK mixture of inks and insure consistent color in print material. It's since spread into colored paint, fabric and plastics.

Rose Quartz: Pantone Color 2016 (#2) DS Stone: Rose Quartz

The Power of Pantone
Every year, Pantone declares a "Color of the Year" which subsequently informs the designs and planning across industries. Determining the "Color of the Year" happens during a couple of super-secret meetings with several nations' color standards groups. They present, debate, and choose a color that they feel currently connects to the spirit of the time.

Why It Matters To You (And Me!)
Pantone also keeps a close watch on the runways - they're great about letting the design communities know what's coming next in color. For designers who work on their collections in advance of the season, it's a tool to design your collection to work with, or reflect the hottest colors. If you're like me, and designing in a frenzy just ahead of your next show, it helps in focusing my palette.


Fall 2016 Pantone Colors:
Aurora Red
Potter's Clay
Spicy Mustard
Lush Meadow
Airy Blue
Dusty Cedar
Warm Taupe


But Do I Have To?
NO!!! It's a tool, not a rule. Use the colors you love- your customers buy your work because of your unique aesthetic. The value in your pieces goes beyond the materials, the greatest value is your artistry and skill!

What About Next Season?!
Guess what? When you're working with stone beads around a Pantone palette, it's likely that at least a stone type or two or three will work as you design around an upcoming season. That's the great thing about the color variations you get with stone - the material is naturally more versatile because of the varying hues and hints of color.

Happy Desiging!

As always, we love to see your work. Got a Pantone design or palette going that you're willing to share? Shoot an email to erin@dakotstones.com!

Erin, Dakota Stones
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