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Wood Opalite 6mm Faceted Round 15-16"
Wood Opalite 6mm Faceted Round 15-16"
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Wood Opalite is a form of petrified wood. It may be called fossilized wood or agatized wood. Fossilized wood most commonly occurs with Jasper or Chalcedony. Wood Opalite is unique as the impregnating mineral is Silicon Dioxide, hence the name Opalite. Petrified wood occurs after a tree has turned completely into a stone by the process of permineralization. Permineralization takes over 100 years. During this process all the organic parts have been replaced by minerals such as silicate or quartz, but they still manage to keep the structure of the wood. Permineralization can only happen underground, with the lack of oxygen impeding decay. When the wood is exposed to mineral-rich water, mineral deposits create stone in the place of decaying organic matter. Mohs: 6.5 - 7
Metaphysically, petrified wood is associated with patience and slow, steady growth.
*These beads are "diamond cut", meaning that their facets were cut using industrial grade diamond. The cleaner facet from this cutting process results in significantly more sparkle than seen in stone cut by other methods.*
Approx. Strand Length: 15-16-inch
Origin: Indonesia, USA
Approx. Bead per Strand: 68
Also Known As: Fossilized Wood, Agatized Wood
Approx. Hole Diameter 0.8 - 1.1mm
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