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featured Bead Store | The Place to Bead
Posted by Administrator to Featured Bead Stores

Store Name: The Place to Bead

Owner Name: Kathy & David Fox

Address: 424 Fort Hill Drive, Suite 102, Naperville, IL

Website: www.theplacetobead.com

How long has your store been open? 11 years

How big is your store space? 1800 sq. ft

Tell us a bit about your bead store's design. What's the greatest inspiration behind your bead store?

We are a full premium bead store and jewelry design studio. Make your own custom jewelry and also do repairs.

What made you decide to open a bead store?

In 2002 we visited a bead store in Nashville, TN and really liked the concept and at the time, Naperville, IL did not have a bead store.

Do you have a specific product that your store is known for?

Venetian Beads! We Feature the Largest Selection in the Country!

Do you offer classes? What is your most popular class?

We offer a variety of classes but the most popular is wire wrapping and beginning beading.

What do you think are some of the biggest change in bead trends in the last 5 or 10 years?

The influx of online bead products as well as the large number of bead shows has really hurt the brick and mortar bead store.

As an artist and not just a bead store owner, what is your favorite material/style that you use?

Personally, I like to incorporate Venetian Beads with Semi-Precious Stones.

Do you have any other passions/hobbies outside of beading?

I enjoy traveling and love sports. Especially watching my kids’ baseball and soccer games.

Please share any additional information regarding you and your bead store.

We have a very unique variety of all types of beads. Our 3 Top Seller are Venetian Beads, Seed Beads, and Dakota Stones Semi-Precious Stones. We also do repairs; offer Birthday and Ladies Night Out Parties. We also have classes bringing in guest instructors a few times a year.

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