As you may remember from last week's blog, I didn't get to go to Tucson. You may also recall that I kept a stiff upper lip about being stuck in the frigid Minnesota tundra. Also, that I consoled myself by personally "researching" (AKA buying) a bunch of the new strands.

This week, we're continuing that theme, as I share what and why I bought.

Aquamarine. So much Aquamarine. The Matte Star Cut Aquamarine was an obvious must-have. The combination of the muted hue and matte finish made this too versatile to pass up. I'm thinking of mixing them in with some other Aquamarine in my stash to make earrings, and I've also got them pegged for some ombre, and as accent beads in necklaces, and as a primary component in stackable bracelet sets. Strands Bought: (4) 6mm, (2) 8mm.


More Aquamarine, because, why not! The Aquamarine Triangle Tubes have lip-smacking color, and Aquamarine is known for opening the throat chakra. Given that I'm paid to write and speak, I needed to buy them. To help me, um, speak more freely. Because, as you've noticed, I really struggle to find things to say.
That's a lie. I bought them because the colors made me happy. Also, I knew if I didn't end up with a strand I'd regret it. I have yet to have buyer's remorse for any beads, but I lament several strands that have gotten away. Buying these is an investment in my future tranquility. Strands Bought: One... but I may need another, just in case.


Faceted Larimar Rondelles. I have three regular customers that will buy anything with Larimar. These were a no-brainer for that reason alone. That being said, I probably would have grabbed a strand anyway because the facets on the rondelles are nice and clean and the color is particularly pleasing. Combined with the 8mm size, it's tranquil without being boring. I'm wagering this Larimar can be used as a focal element without risk of being washed out by brights, jewel tones, or neutrals. Basically, this strand is an 8mm faceted Caribbean beach getaway. Strands Bought: One

This is week two of the three week series where I boldly share my purchases with the world. If you think my Spring design stash is missing anything, shoot me an email ([email protected]) and give me your suggestions. If you've personally got some great projects in the works, I'd love to see and share. Take a great picture or two and shoot them my way! - Erin, Dakota Stones

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