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Beauty on the Blog: Swoon-Worthy Strands
Posted by Erin to Articles

If youíve checked our website in the last few days, you probably noticed that our online Tucson event is going on. This three-week event gives us a chance to share many of the new strands we took to Tucson for you to shop at home.

The good thing about staying home? No crowds, no TSA, planes, or packing or time away from work.

The bad thing about staying home? You donít get to see the strands in person. You donít get to feel the jolt of, ďI donít care what these cost, I will have them!Ē as you browse tables packed with everything from Aquamarine to Zoisite.

Well, guess what? I didnít get to go to Tucson either.

So, I did the next best thing, and went back to the warehouse to meticulously raid... I mean *research* the new strands. Since Iím not going to be at the show, I also shopped the strands for myself and Iíve included what I ended up buying.

The Banded Moonstone stopped me dead. Iíve seen Banded or Multi Moonstone strands before. They usually donít do much for me. Iím used to seeing three colors and ďmehĒ chatoyancy. These babies have the traditional gray, peach, and white, but they also have the most scrumptious translucent warm gray. And their chatoyancy is mesmerizing. Number of strands bought: (3) 8mm Rounds, (2) 6mm Rounds

I was really pumped to see that the faceted rounds had the same awesome color and chatoyancy and really clean faceting. Iíve seen faceted Moonstone, thatís not new. However, Iíve noticed that consistent sizing and facets usually come with a three digit price tag. Number of strands bought: (1) 8mm, (2) 6mm

Botswana Agate Rondelles were another welcome find. Again, I was looking for consistent size and cut. I didnít really *need* them for anything, but Iím vaguely planning something with Matte White African Opal, and I really like Botswana Agate, and the color and banding was choice, and Botswana Agate is relatively inexpensive sooo... Number of strands bought: (2) 8mm, (1) 6mm

Pink Tourmaline with Pink Lepidolite. Iíd never seen this stone before, so I grabbed a bunch and scurried around to find someone to tell me what they were. Pictures do not do these justice. Itís like beads cut out of sunrise colors, and thereís a disturbingly rich, almost edible quality. The color varies just enough to promise some ombré design possibilities, but not enough to be jarring. Iíve just flat out never seen this color in a stone before and I love it. I have no idea where Iíll use it, but the color is too rare a find not to put in the stash. Strands Purchased: (1) 4mm, (3) 6mm, (1) 8mm

I hope you have as much fun shopping our Tucson Sunrise Collection as I did. If youíll be stopping by our booth at the show, weíd love to feature your picks (and why you loved them) on social media.

Email [email protected] - we can share your picks anonymously or give you full attribution for your good taste!

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