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Chakra and Energy Work: Fact or Fiction
Posted by Erin to Articles

In honor of our newly streamlined Chakra section, here’s a quick rundown of fact and fiction. This is super general. Many of you work in this area extensively, so you’re unlikely to learn anything new here. If you’re curious and looking to learn a bit more, this is a simple way to feel it out.

Chakras are New Age and weird.

The concept of energetic centers in the body spans millennia and continents. Different cultures have different terms and approaches, but the basic concepts are very similar. The viewpoint may not be your thing, but it isn’t something arbitrarily conjured in a commune in the 20th century.

No, the concept of Chakras isn’t very Western. So it might not be your thing. Think of it as going to a restaurant with non-Western cuisine. It might be something you immediately love, loathe, or need to try a couple times.


If There’s A Problem Chakra, Treat It With The Chakra’s Designated Stone/Color.

No. No. No. Chakras are energy centers. This means you can have either too much or too little energy. If the problem is coming from too much energy, directing more energy there is not going to help. For example, you have so much loving energy (Heart Chakra/Green) that you put everyone else ahead of yourself. You volunteer, you do more than your share of household stuff, you loan money even when you don’t have enough, you offer to take on every extra project at work. Eventually, you’re exhausted and resentful. You know you need to say ‘No’, but you feel like you can’t. Throwing a bunch of Jade into your jewelry won’t fix this. Instead you want to bring energy to places that don’t have enough. In this example, you might want to consider bringing some energy to the Navel / Solar Plexus Chakra where it’s said that we carry our personal power and the Throat Chakra so that you feel like you can speak your truth.


They Published A Book- Therefore They’re a Reliable Source of Information

Beware of Prophets for Profit. Look at resources that are researched, annotated, and reasonable. If they’ve trademarked a stone name, you’d do well to be wary.


Energy Work Is An Alternative To Professional Treatment

There are plenty of anecdotes about alternative therapies succeeding where others have failed. There are also people who have died from treatable medical conditions because they chose to treat them solely through some form of energetic healing. Energy work of any kind is most safely considered a complementary therapy. It may even become a key piece of healing, but do not rely on it to fix your physical, emotional or interpersonal issues.

We’d love if you share your expertise, experience and favorite resources. Feel free to contradict or correct me- I’m one voice with one perspective and I am always open to learning more!

(If you’re curious about my background, most of exposure and training in Chakras comes through about a decade of yoga, specifically the Himalayan Institute / Para Yoga school. I’m also 3 weeks from RYT 200 hour certification.)

Erin, Dakota Stones

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