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Color Crush: Palettes with Power
Posted by Erin to Articles
Purple isn't everyone's color. Pantone's Ultra Violet is a *strong* purple and it can be hard to see past the intensity to the possibility.

Our super amazing photographer/designer/videographer is taking over this week's blog with her Pantone-swatch-inspired stone pairings.

Mixing Matte Silver Crazy Lace Agate and Purple Crazy Lace Agate with Fancy and Polychrome Jasper offers the perfect balance between soft spring colors and summer brights.


The dark, rich tones of Red/Black Moonstone and Pyrite counter the ultra-pale blue of Larimar. At the same time, a combo of both matte and regular-finish Purple Crazy Lace Agate creates a seamless transition from muted to bold.


Want to mix and match your purples without creating clashy conflicts? Add some neutrals like Plated Hematite and White African Opal, and just one stone in a totally different color. Playing with unique shapes in a design does more than create visual interest - it also helps to differentiate each stone type. (Also pictured, Matte Amethyst Star Cut, Peruvian Opal Nuggets.)


My personal favorite of these palettes is this one. I can't get over how the pink and purple make the Garnet the star of the show. I never realized how beautifully Red Garnet can simultaneously amplify and subdue. A little bit of Plated Hematite also helps create cohesion and gives it a bump of sophistication. (Also pictured, Pink & Purple Crazy Lace Agate.)

If you struggle with color or are stuck in a color rut, checking out swatch palettes on the internet can be a great tool. Since stone often incorporates so many natural color variations and visual qualities, you'll be amazed at the depth and richness that can spring from a few colored squares.

Erin, Dakota Stones
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