A couple of you have asked to know more about the details of our collaboration with the Coral Restoration Foundation™, and what our plans are going forward! 

Until the entirety of our stock of coral is gone, we will be promoting coral beads on our website and social media platforms. Simply put, sourcing live coral from oceans is incredibly damaging to earth’s ecosystems, and there really is no way to ethically source this product. Even dead coral cannot be  honestly sourced, as scientific research has found that some bleached coral can be revived. We hope that by fundraising, and halting any import of coral beads will make a lasting effect on the sustainability of gemstone beading. We’re dedicated to listening to your concerns as a conscientious consumer as well. We’re also optimistic that by taking this step forward, more businesses like ours will follow us forward with this change.

We have decided to dedicate 10% of the proceeds of each strand of coral that is sold to the Coral Restoration Foundation™. The profit from these strands will be donated to them quarterly. 

Bear in mind that Dakota Stones is a smaller company, and while larger corporations could afford to give larger percentages, this is not wholly the case with our team. However, any contribution we can make to improving our earth’s oceans makes an impact. 

If you’re interested in our journey, make sure to follow us on your favorite social media platforms. Or, if you would like to make a contribution, you can purchase some of our coral here, or make a donation to the Coral Restoration Foundation™ directly here.

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