Crafted from the highest-grade Sardonyx, rare Black Eye Agate beads take a highly skilled lapidary to cut and make consistent.

Due to tight banding in rough sardonyx, these stones are especially beautiful with concentric circles that closely resemble an eye. Our specific strands were cut for the Japanese market -- where precision and balance are oftentimes requirements -- and only top-grade materials and exacting lapidary is accepted.

Dakota Stones is fortunate to be partnered with a cutter that produces mainly for the Japanese market. We are thrilled whenever we get the opportunity to acquire any available overruns or rejected strands because, in any other market, even their seconds still carry a AAA grade strand rating.

Look for more of these Japanese cut strands in limited quantities offered at Dakota Stones. Be mindful that buying strands cut from the very top 1% of rough material and crafted by the leading lapidary artists in Asia can carry a price tag equal to the unique pieces of art they truly are. These might be best as a gift for your personal collection.

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