December 2013
Dakota Stones Featured Designer

Laurie-Anne Clinton
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The creative force behind Flirt is Laurie-Anne Clinton - a gifted, self-taught, Toronto jewelry designer.

In 2000, Laurie-Anne joined creative forces with her partner Elizabeth Clinton to form the beginning of several eclectic, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted jewellery designs that would catch the attention of fashion-conscious women and lead the pair to formally launch Flirt in the Summer of 2006. Laurie-Anne is known for her bold and innovative jewelry designs. Her eye for color is brilliant. Flirt pieces are hip, glamorous and fashionable. They have an 'edgy' feel, yet are also down to earth and consciously designed. Laurie-Anne's imagination is endless. Her pieces are all made by hand, with a strong focus on quality craftsmanship. She uses many colored gem stones, sterling silver, gold, borosilicate glass beads, and beads collected from around the world.

Laurie-Anne has been published in several Bead Style magazines, two Bead Style Collections and currently has a piece on display at the Guelph Civic Museum in GuelphOntario. She is an active member of the Toronto Bead Society where she holds the position of Bead Fair Coordinator. It is in Tucson where first met Dakota Stones, almost ten years ago. She is a stringer, wire worker, and is beginning to play with the addition of metal. This past year at the Bead & Button show she stopped by the Dakota Stones booth and asked to see the most unusual and expensive gem stones they had. We looked a little surprised. She and her partner spent hours selecting stones for a special project she was working on. The pictures you see here in this feature are the end result. Laurie-Anne speaks highly of the purchase, stating that she "was very happy with my experience at Dakota. The outcome of using the high quality stones was effortless."

Shades of Grey N-024

Quartz Black and White
Sterling Silver Spacers and Animal
Print Beads
Midnight in Paris N-036

Extra Lg Smokey Quartz Stones
Gold Filled Discs / Chain
24 K Gold Spacers
Clouded Leopard N-030

Montana Moss Agate
24 K Gold Spacers
Gold Filled Chain

The Dakota Stones Interview with Laurie-Anne Clinton:

How did you get started in jewelry design?

I am a natural healer. In 1985 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. For many years I have focused my energy on the healing of children and adults in Neonatology and Forensic Psychiatry.
I retired from Nursing and today am a self-taught Canadian jewelry designer. Calmness and intuitive sense of knowing an individual's needs allow me to work with many semi-precious and precious gemstones and to match their healing and energetic qualities to those of the wearer. One year I designed a necklace for a friend who was attending Toronto's Fashion Week. I was hooked, totally inspired.

Do you have a method, source, or tool you look to use for inspiring your designs?

Among the material I use are precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, and beads collected from around the world. The most recent additions are fabulous borosilicate glass in beautiful colors and unique shapes. I am known for the quality of my workmanship. Sterling Silver and gold are the basis of my work. I use fabulous semi-precious and unusual clasps which I call my "Heavy Metal Hardware." The designs are bold and unexpected with simple clean lines.

How often do you work on your jewelry designs?

When I am working on a project I work steadily until I get the job done. So, when it's over I try to tidy up the studio and regain a measure of balance in my life. It isn't very long before I am involved in creative work again, in one form or another. I have had the good fortune to attend the Tucson Gem shows, Bead and Button, and Beadfest, and to take classes which have added new inspiration to my designs.

How would you describe your design style or technique?

Elsa Pirelli of Tiffany & Co. is acknowledged as one of the world's finest, most creative jewelry designers. In her biography "Design. Art. Life." She had said her designs are dictated by common sense. "For me, good line and good form are timeless." I aspire to one day be of the caliber of Elsa Pirelli. My designs are well known among Toronto women who have purchased my work with great enthusiasm over the past ten years. The response to the varied lines has been exceptional. Good jewelry is an investment and will continue to work with your wardrobe years down the line.
Fantasia N-051

Ametrine Faceted Quartz Stones
Sterling Silver Clasp/Chain/Spacers

Do you work in any other mediums beside jewelry design?

I am playing around with metal-smithing, which I quite like. I am investigating how I can incorporate this into my current work. I enjoy working with Resin, and uses ICE Resin exclusively. I cannot work with seed beads. For me it's "Go big or go home."

What are your favorite stones, shapes, and sizes to work with and why?

I really love all stones. What she is most particular about is their shape, color clarity, inclusion sand how they are drilled. I look for stones that are rare and interesting organic shapes. I have a preference for stones that have irregularities and are imperfect.

What's your favorite jewelry trend right now?

My favorite jewelry trends are styles that are streamlined and structured. I keep tabs on the Fashion Week.

If you could pick one person living or not to wear your jewelry, who would it
be and why?

I would pick Barbara Streisand to wear a Flirt design. She is a classic, timeless, glamorous beauty. I did send a twist on a classic pearl necklace during the launch of her business to Stevie Nicks. Unfortunately, I never heard back from her. I can imagine it looked stunning and gave her great pleasure.

What's next? What are you working on now?

The mixture of metals with semi-precious stones in a very classic yet edgy, bold way that
continue to reflect the originality of Flirt Jewelry.
Razzle Dazzle N-038

Red Hematoid Quartz
Vintage Brass Balls
Gold Filled Chain
Gold Plated Heavy Metal Clasp
Irish Eyes N-045

Green Hematoid Quartz
Bronze Md Balls/Chain/Clasp
Rose Gold Tiny Spacer Balls

Black Roses N-052

Black Faceted Smokey Quartz
Gold Filled Spacers
vintage Gold Chain

Shackled N-047

Epidote Stones Lg Oval
Ivoryite Sm Beads
Brass Heavy Metal Clasp/Chain
Picture of Dorian Gray N-048

Green Rutilated Quartz
Sterling Silver Spacer Beads
White Bronze Clasp/Md Spacers
Rhodium Plated Chain

Ancient Rome N-046

Labradorite Lg Oval
Citrine Quartz Md Stones
Brass Heavy Metal Clasp/Chain

FLIRT is Available at:
Toni Plus, Sherway Gardens,
Toronto, Ontario Canada

You may also call
416-990-5418 for custom orders.



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