The Secret Life of Beads.
You meet us at trade shows, pop into our showroom, hear our pleasant voices on the other end of the phone and assume that Dakota Stones is a magical, peaceful kingdom of beads.

This is 98.5% true. You deserve to know about the unspoken 1.5%.

Four times a year, things get ugly. Four times a year, we receive our latest dS Premier beads. We descend like a pack of rabid wolves on those poor cardboard boxes. So far, nobody has been injured, although we're probably a shipment away from an ER visit.

Why does Jeff allow such dangerous items into the building? His employees might seriously harm each other!!
You should also know we bring it on ourselves. dS Premier exists so we can bring unique beads into the market. As we design products and source materials, our mantra is, "Create beads we'll fight over."

dsPremier Ruby Slabs
The ds Premier Recipe
1) Get Cool Rough - Like, REALLY COOL
We work with our suppliers to find high quality and unique rough. We’re looking for rough that makes us say, "WOW!"

2) Do It Different or Do It Better
We think about what we want to see as designers. We think about what's missing from the market or look back on what we've seen elsewhere that we could make better.

3) Get the Right Cut
All of our stone is cut in factories that understand our exacting standards. This is no less true for the dS Premier line. We stay in constant communication with the factory during the cutting process from prototype to production.

dsPremier Tourmaline Sticks
The Desired Result
ds Premier is meant to be the limited edition pieces that we (and hopefully you) can't live without. If one of us throws caution to the wind and buys things when it means giving up all future Starbucks runs, it's a success. If someone sustains minor bruising as we receive the shipment? Success. If our customers see the product and salivate with possibility? Success.

You Read All of This! You Get a Reward!
We just a got a new shipment of ds Premier. We've gotten killer new Turquoise rounds, Tourmaline sticks, and some verrry cool Ruby slabs. They'll be on the web and in the showroom soon.
Tourmaline Sticks
- Erin, Dakota Stones


David Lipscomb

Date 8/23/2016

Your ruby slab pic is tourmaline slices!

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