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A translucent chalcedony or an A-grade Agate that receives its beautiful red tints from iron oxides. Heat treated to darken the material.


Origin: North America, South America, Europe, Madagascar, Australia, and Korea.
Metaphysical Quality: Enhances organizational abilities and orderliness.

Products (Total Items: 13)
Dumortierite 10mm Round 8
Dumortierite 10mm Round 8"
Dumortierite 10x14 Oval 8
Dumortierite 10x14 Oval 8"
Dumortierite 10x20 Double Drill 8
Dumortierite 10x20 Double Drill 8"
Dumortierite 12mm Coin 8
Dumortierite 12mm Coin 8"
Dumortierite 12mm Square 8
Dumortierite 12mm Square 8"
Dumortierite 30x40 Oval 8
Dumortierite 30x40 Oval 8"
Dumortierite 4mm Round 8
Dumortierite 4mm Round 8"
Dumortierite 6mm Cube 8
Dumortierite 6mm Cube 8"
Dumortierite 6mm Rondelle 8
Dumortierite 6mm Rondelle 8"
Dumortierite 8mm Faceted Rondelle 8
Dumortierite 8mm Faceted Rondelle 8"
Dumortierite 8mm Round 8
Dumortierite 8mm Round 8"
Dumortierite 8x10 Tumble Nugget
Dumortierite 8x10 Tumble Nugget
Sunset Dumortierite 8mm Rondelle - 8-inch Large Hole
Sunset Dumortierite 8mm Rondelle - 8-inch Large Hole

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