ds Dzi rounds in various patterns
Dzi-style beads
are a new arrival at Dakota Stones and we've gotten tons of questions from customers in Tucson and in our showroom. Since we'll be continuing to stock them, we wanted to give our customers some need-to-know info.

How do you say the name?
Dzi = Zee. That simple. (dZi and gzi are common alternate spellings.)
What's with the patterns?
The lines, designs and circles (eyes) on Dzi beads are related to different powers that the Dzi is said to magnify within the wearer. Different patterns are associated with unique gifts and protective qualities, and said to be more or less beneficial to an individual based on their birth year and/or the current calendar year.

Why do you say 'Dzi-style'?
Glad you asked. We use the term "Dzi-style" to distinguish these replica beads from their antique counterparts. Antique Dzi beads are hundreds or thousands of years old. Depending on the size, pattern, and material, they can command as much as $2,000,000. (No, that's not a typo.) Dzi beads made as recently as the 1990s even sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Where do they come from?
The etched agate Dzi beads that are highly prized by collectors come from Tibet, Buthan, Ladakh, and Nepal. They are surrounded by myth and legend. One legend holds that the stones themselves are insects that turned to stone after coming into contact with a human. Dzi beads were frequently used as protective amulets, and some traditions held that a Dzi bead chose its owner and would even leave an unlucky owner. Due to the protective attributes of the stone, powder was often ground from the ends for medicinal use. Antique Dzi that have been used in medicine will show small dig marks where the stone was carved.

Got any great Dzi resources to share? Pass them on! Since these beads are so popular and have such rich history, we're hoping to share more useful information soon!

Erin, Dakota Stones 
We'd love to see what you do with our Dzi-style beads. If you're willing to share your finished designs using Dakota Stones Dzi-style beads with our followers on social media, please email [email protected].

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