Mookaite is a form of Jasper, sometimes called just australian jasper. All jaspers are a form of quartz or chalcedony aggregate, meaning that the quartz or chalcedony formed with a smattering of mineral types that gives it a unique color. This can explain why there are so many different types of jaspers in our inventory, as well as hundreds of different documentations of color variations. The name mookaite refers to the area in Australia where it was discovered, near Mooka Creek in the Kennedy Ranges. 

In order for the Jasper to be considered mookaite, there must be rusty red, mauve, buttery yellows and maroon purple found in the stone, red being the most abundant. It is also a location-specific name, and can only be found in that specific location in Australia. Sometimes dendritic patterns can be found in mookaite when it is cut, which greatly increases the value. Red in jasper is achieved through a reaction with the quartz and iron minerals, and is the most common color found in all jasper types.

Jaspers really have no limitations for their uses. The quartz is strong, making them suitable for carving, and they polish extremely well, making them desirable in jewelry. In ancient cultures, jasper was perfect for making seals, polished vases and was even used in the neolithic area for arrowheads. 

Because mookaite can only be sourced from one area, restocks are typically few and far between. We recommend pairing this stone type with other earthy-toned stones, like golden yellow jasperagate or rhodonite.

We recently received a brand-new kind of mookaite! These strands take the best, richest colors from sunset mookaite and high-end raw samples to get a rich, creamy golden yellow. We have them in traditional polished finish and matte finish. These strands had to be hand-picked for designers, and you could never ask for a better yellow shade to include in designs. These strands pair almost seamlessly with our wood nangka beads, if you’re a yellow lover. They would also go well with earthy tones found in dzi beads, or shades of brown and yellow found in iron zebra jasper.



Date 4/29/2020

What is that sunset mookite you sell? Is that the same thing?

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