We’ve been talking lots about Pantone lately. Why? Sure, you want customers to see pieces that work with their wardrobe. Mentioning the use of seasonal Pantone colors can also be a value-add to your customers. Accessories are a great way to dip a toe into a new color pool.

New accessories can also give an existing outfit new life. Using hot seasonal colors in your designs gives your customer a way to add a “trendy” element to their wardrobe without reworking anything else.

Here’s an example.

We used a gray top as the base. Gray is my favorite color. 3/4 of my tops are gray. If you follow our videos on Facebook you may have noticed this.

You can use just one color, and mix up the finishes:


You can find a single stone type that combines multiple colors:

Venus Jasper is mostly Butter Rum, it also brings in subtle peaks of Neutral Gray, Marina, and Ballet Slipper.

Mexican Laguna Lace Agate brings in swirls of Grenadine, Neutral Gray, Ballet Slipper, Butter Rum, Autumn Maple, and Tawny Port.

And, of course, you can grab a few different stone types.

Combine Red Moonstone with AB Druzy and Kunzite for a dose of both Ballet Slipper and Tawny Port.

Or grab some Peach Moonstone to play on Butter Rum and Ballet Slipper, and add some Carnelian for a bright pop. Bring the mellow and bright together with some Pyrite. (Design Hack: The right metallic can make almost any color combo work. It’s like magic.)

You can choose to incorporate Pantone colors, or completely ignore everything we’ve talked about. As always, the most important thing is to design *your* way.

-Erin, Dakota Stones

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