This week we had the privilege of interviewing a local designer, who is the skilled artist behind the Las Ranas Jewelry. Candida is a queer and nonbinary Bortiqua based in the Twin Cities area, whose jewelry designs can be noted for their bold colors, new ideas, and large size. Their jewelry is marketed with and for people from all walks of life, as their style is modern, lively, while still being highly versatile. They are a busy person in this modern world, juggling being a parent with a job and a jewelry designing business. 

Candida describes their breakthrough with their jewelry designs having come from a practical source. They are a rock lover like the vast majority of us, and grew up collecting, studying the metaphysical energies of stones, and carrying them around for years. After losing a few stones, they turned to making jewelry to better keep track of their stones and wearing them to take advantage of their metaphysical properties. Their favorite stone types are black tourmaline, for its protective powers, rose quartz for its heart-healing properties, and other stones like carnelian and amethyst. One of their favorite stone combinations to use in their designs is citrine and pyrite, which work in tandem to help the wearer manifest their intentions into action. Their designs take the metaphysical properties of stones in mind, so you can be sure that each piece is made with care and intentionality. 

Astrology and the stars are also at the heart of their designs.If you are in tune with astrology and are searching for a design to match your horoscope, look no further! Candida’s newest designs will feature stones for the Aries season, and has plans to go forward with more astrology-based jewelry. 

For beginners, they recommend familiarizing yourself with the tools you wish to use. Getting to know how to prep wire, how to cut it, what tools to use for what, and setting up a strong foundational knowledge before going into the meat of the design. They stress that it’s important to familiarize yourself with your tools, but always take a step back to listen to your inner voice.


Ken Rogers

Date 8/17/2020

I just read your BLOG entry on Larimar, and as a gemstone specialist, I feel a little more info can be added. Larimar is a unique, and rare, blue form of the mineral Pectolite, and is only found in an ancient volcano, in the Caribbean island nation of Dominican Republic. Common Pectolite is a mineral, that can be found all over the world, but it is usually an uninteresting white to grey. Once in a while we come across beautiful blue Larimar with red Hematite inclusions. The 2 colors, together, can lead to a myriad of design possibilities.

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