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Stephanie Dixon has been designing and teaching professionally since 2007, specializing in wire techniques. Living in Toronto, Canada, she is honored to be recognized as a CREATE YOUR STYLE with Swarovski Elements Ambassador. Stephanie's work has been published in the books, Crystal Jewelry Inspiration compiled by Karin Van Voorhees (2013) and Foxy Epoxy by Kristal Wick (2013), as well as in issues of BeadStyle and Bead Design Studio. Stephanie has taught for Swarovski in Tucson and on the CREATE YOUR STYLE cruise (2011, 2013). She loves teaching students new techniques and creates pieces that give instant gratification.

Stephanie's Featured Dakota Stones Pieces:

"Black Matte Onyx necklace:
This matte black onyx and raw quartz
crystal necklace is built around a core of
red silk fabric from Taipei and embellished with Swarovski Cupchain and 8mm Bicones in
Jet Hematite 2x."

"Blue Green Quartz Bracelet:
This bracelet contains Blue Green
Quartz mix, Aventurine and Labradorite
wired together with Titanium
Parawire over a fabric base."

An Interview with Stephanie Dixon:

* Do you have a method or source you look to use for inspiring your designs?

I absolutely love colour! The brighter, the better, I say, and this attitude fits in well with the neon trend that is so popular. I love browsing colourful images on Pinterest and have a board called Colour Inspiration.

* How often do you work on your jewelry designs?

I work on my designs every single day as being a jewelry designer and instructor is my full time job. I like to break my day into segments: gathering images for inspiration, sketching designs, working on new techniques to add to my skill set and honing the skills I currently have. I'm also mindful of the audience for my designs: will it be used for teaching, for publication or for sale.

"The necklace was built around a batik fabric core. Using a mix of Pink Crazy Lace Agate shapes, coral, neon pink rondelles and Swarovski Elements in Volcano and Rose Gold 2X, I built up the layers with Parawire Rose gold."
* How would you describe your design style or technique?

My fun and enthusiastic personality comes through loud and clear in my work, I think. What people might not know, is that I like to juxtapose elements within my work. The softness of fabric wrapped with cold wire accented by rough nuggets of stone and precisely faceted Swarovski Elements.

* Do you work in any other mediums beside jewelry design?

My first foray into jewelry design was crocheting with wire, but I've been crocheting with yarn since I was 9 years old. I also paint, knit, and sew. I sing a fabulous rendition of Mustang Sally at karaoke.

* What is your favorite stone to work with, and why?

As I'm drawn to bright colors, I love the Bronze Infused Purple Turquoise. I also love the all the colors of Crazy Lace Agates.

* What is your favorite shape/size to work with, and why?

I like the rounds, especially the 8mm and 10mm, for most of my designs - they are little vignettes of whole universes in a bead. I can just get lost in the detail of the high quality stones that Dakota Stones offer. I also like using top drilled stones and chips in my crochet necklaces; they add an element of movement and flash.

* If you could pick one person living or not to wear your jewelry who would it be and why?

I would be over the moon happy if Shirley MacLaine wore any of my pieces. She exudes the charisma and confidence needed to wear one of pieces and not be overpowered by it. She would make it shine!

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