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February 2013 Newsletter
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dakota stones for design that rock

February Newsletter
by Tia Darst

In This Month's Newsletter:


Tucson Information

Brand NEW Stone Lists  

Bead Store Feature: Reno Bead Shop    

Stone of the Month Information (January)

Show Schedule



Brrr! It's been so cold in Minnesota...below zero every day this week! I went through the Starbucks drive through to get something to warm me up, and after finally getting to the order window, my car window wouldn't go down; it was frozen shut! You've gotta love Minnesota weather. I happen to be in the line of work that sends me to lovely Arizona every February to escape the bitter cold. I encourage you to stop by our booths to see us! We have so many NEW & beautiful things; Red Line Sodalite, Ametrine, Kunzite, Jet, some funky shapes, and much more!



tucsonDakota Stones in Tucson


February 2nd though February 15th

Gem Mall Booth #2309

GIGM Show (Grant Inn) Booth # 260-261-264-265  



JEFFBrand NEW Stone Lists 


Not able to see us in Tucson? I have created lists of all of our special Tucson items. Most of these items aren't available on the website yet. However, we want to give you the chance to shop before they're gone.  


Place your order using the following order forms:


8" Stone List: I have revised our 8" order form. It lists all of the stone types offered in 8" strands.  


16" List of New Stones: I have compiled a list of all of our NEW 16" Strands  

16-Inch List 


These are easy Excel files that you can download, type in your desired quantities, and email directly to me. [email protected]


BeadStoreFeatured Bead Store | Reno Bead Shop (Reno, NV)  

See why the Reno Bead Shop is so successful!   





 Read Reno Bead Shop's Story and become inspired!      




Stone of the Month


February's Stone of the Month:


New Brazil Agate: Found as sizable geodes of layered nodules in Brazil. These occur in brownish tones inter-layered with white and gray.  



Quartz forms within these nodules, creating a striking specimen.


In the turn of the 20th century, the German area of Idar-Orbestein imported large quantities of agate from Brazil on an industrial scale using the stone as ship's ballast.  


During that time, they produced colored beads that were sold around the globe by making use of a variety of proprietary chemical processes.







Upcoming Stone of the Month:

March: Dragon Blood Jasper 

April: Cherry Quartz    


The stone of the month program is available exclusively to bead stores. Find out more about the stone of the month program. email: [email protected] 



Show Schedule


Upcoming Bead Shows:


February 2 - 15

Tucson, Arizona

February 2 - 15

Tucson, Arizona

March 1 - 3


March 3


March 9 - 10


March 14 - 17



Tia Darst

Seize the Day and make Art that ROCKS!


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