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Going OM: Checking out our chakras at Dakota Stones
Posted by Erin to Articles

As philosophies and practices tied to Buddhism grow in western culture, we're seeing influences everywhere- yoga studios in every strip mall, malas and mala-inspired designs in costume jewelry, and accessories designed to target or balance chakras.
We want to make design as easy as possible for our customers, so we've added a "chakra" section to our site. Each section includes some of the stones commonly associated with each of the seven chakras, as well as one for the oh-so-unifying quartz. We've tried to be thorough, and since there are as many opinions on the "right" stones for chakra work as there are people in Manhattan, we might be receiving some educational emails. (Feel free to send those to erin@dakotastones.com.)
Some of you have chosen stones based on spiritual properties for decades, others are newer to the idea, and some of you aren't really into any of it. I was going to carefully educate you on the intricacies of stones and chakras. Then, I realized if you care you already know, and if you don't care you, well, you don't care.

Instead of a dissertation, I volunteered to show you how the energy of chakra-enhancing stones helps me in my daily work at Dakota Stones.

For example, here's how I prepared to write this blog: I opened my throat chakra with 14 strands of kyanite. (Go big or go home, right?) Then, I adorned my wrist with seven strands of beads, one for each chakra. I also grabbed a large chunk of quartz to unify all that power.

Step One:
A brief yoga practice to get my creative energy flowing. Please take a moment to appreciate me for the yogi and spiritual guru I am.

Step Two:
After one pose, it's time to meditate and wait for inspiration to flow through me.

Step Three:
Savasana. My savasana is a two-hour practice performed on a couch. It's like a spiritual siesta. During this time, I surround myself with more stones to open my throat chakra and free my voice.

Step Four:
Find some organic vegan lunch food and get to work.

Erin, Dakota Stones
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