Designs by Kayla Waletzke
We have been thinking a lot   this week at Dakota Stones about the men in our lives, whether they are dads, brothers, partners or pals, and we wanted to tap into the kinds of jewelry they might enjoy. Men have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years, dating back to a time when people would wear shells, eggs, berries, human bones and teeth (not recommended) as well as all kinds of stones as jewelry. Sometimes it was a symbol of status, sometimes it was to affiliate with ethnic, religious or social groups, but always it was a place to show artistic expression. So it is unclear to me why men + jewelry has become somewhat taboo in the mainstream. Yes, I'll admit, I giggle a little when I see an Elizabethan era movie where the men hang dainty, pearl dangles from their earlobes. But I'm sure this is simply my learned reaction to how our culture defines what it means to be male in the 21st century. Back then pearl earrings were probably all-the-rage and if you didn't have one, well, that would be absurd!

So here we are in June 2016 making beautiful pieces for men and women to enjoy alike. Kayla made some really cool bracelets for the guys here in the office (above, right) and below is an image submitted by FARAHBEAN of four really great, male-inspired pieces made with Dakota Stones. We are so glad that they shared their designs with us!

I hope this post brings inspiration to you and the men in your lives and maybe, just maybe, we will see more jewelry worn and designed by men in the future. But that would just be crazy, wouldn't it?
                             - Meredith, Dakota Stones

                                                                                                       Designs by FARAHBEAN

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