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Hubei Turquoise 12mm Round 16
Hubei Turquoise 12mm Round 16'

Hubei Turquoise 12mm Round 16"

Origin: China
Approx. Bead per Strand: 34

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Hubei Turquoise-  From the Hubei province in Northern China. Two of the finest mines in the Hubei province are the Yungai, which means, "a mountain covered with cloud" and the Zhuxi "a mountain where growing plenty of bamboo".

These specific rounds are made up of smaller pieces of natural Hubei turquoise bound together into a block, stabilized and then cut. This is done to up-cycle material that would normally be discarded. This process is also used due to the availability of the material. Like the sleeping beauty mine, the Hubei mines have also been closed and what material is available is too small to cut into beads. The blocks also allow cutters to be more precise with shapes that larger natural specimens won’t allow. 

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