Red Creek Jasper
A Stone by Any Other Name Would Look As Pretty
Sorry for the poor attempt to justify the expense of a semester of Shakespeare. Whether you call this material Red Creek Jasper, Cherry Jasper, or Picasso Jasper this material discovered in China only a few years ago is one of the most dynamic and best yielding stone types we work with. The reason I point out yield is that we get the opportunity to work with a lot of materials and trying to get a consistent look across an entire line is always challenging. Often, the most interesting Jaspers (or stones) prove the most difficult because only a small percentage of the rock offers the desirable patterns or the patterns are too large to work in smaller beads. Although Red Creek offers a wide variety of colors and patterns, a large percentage of the material yields quality beads in all shapes and sizes.

Not to mention the colors are perfect for fall designs. Also, I might just be a little biased since I have cut Red Creek Jasper tiles to use in our kitchen backsplash.

- Jeff Elvin

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Point of note:
Today "Jasper" is often an all- encompassing term applied to numerous stone types that did not enter the market through the old traditional lapidary channels. Red Creek is most likely a silicated Dolomite with a hardness of between 4 and 5.5. Also, like a number of semiprecious gemstones, because of its natural, inherent fractures and softness, this material, like Turquoise, many times is stabilized.

Jaspers, Dolomite and other sedimentary rocks are in general formed from sediment laid down in ancient seas. Because of the randomness of material in this sediment, when the stone hardens it can be anywhere along a "jasper / not jasper spectrum" of rocks, based on its silica percentage. In the case of Red Creek, it's a little more Dolomite than Jasper. This silicated dolomite is a little harder than its cousin, marble (Picasso Jasper) and every much as beautiful, plus it's more colorful.

- Ken Rogers


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