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Ideas & Inspirations: Tia's Malas
From Dakota Stones: Red Creek Jasper, Aventurine, round stone beads
Mala beads are Buddhist prayer beads. Traditionally, a string of Mala beads has 108 beads and is wrapped around the left wrist. They are often used as a focus for meditation in the Buddhist tradition. I have used the Mala design as a source of inspiration for my latest design obsession. Use round beads to make your own personalized Mala or a leather wrap bracelet. Not only is this style the latest fashion trend, but their simplistic bohemian designs are easy to create.Ideas & Inspirations: Nuanced NuggetsFeatured in Bead Style by Cathy Jakicic
From Dakota Stones: Blue Impression Jasper 25x30mm faceted hexagon

Blue Impression Jasper resembles turquoise for a fraction of the price. In this necklace, the designer pairs the jasper with pearls to soften and compliment the angularity of the stones. This look is elegant yet bold.Ideas & Inspirations: PendantsFeatured in Bead Style in the Bead&Button Show Treasures?
From Dakota Stones: Pendants
Ideas & Inspirations: Call of the WildFeatured in EveryDay Gemstones by Bead Style
From Dakota Stones: Zebra Agate 12mm faceted rounds

The designer says that when she was making this piece, the song ?Wild Horses? by the Rolling Stones was running through her head?I love that!

Over the years, animal prints have been in and out of the fashion world in a roaring way?.but now, they are here to stay! Make a small or BIG statement with animal print inspired jewelry?perhaps a bit less audacious than the leopard print mini-skirt you wore in the 80s.
Ideas & Inspirations: Heavy Metal NecklaceFeatured in EveryDay Gemstones by Bead Style

From Dakota Stones: Pyrite Pendant & Pyrite 7x12mm Faceted Nuggets

Pyrite is actually a stone and not a metal. However with the increasing cost of metal, pyrite makes a fabulous substitution. Pyrite is also a naturally occurring matrix found in numerous rock formations; turquoise and many jaspers. The large metal pendant in this design reminds me of something Cleopatra would wear?fit for a Queen!Ideas & Inspirations: Mod in MosaicFeatured in EveryDay Gemstones by Bead Style
From Dakota Stones: Onyx

I love drops! They make great, easy and FAST earrings?.and are so elegant. The drops featured in these 2 designs are 10x30mm faceted Onyx. You simply can?t go wrong with faceted black Onyx?it compliments almost any other stone, looks fabulous with chain, and can be worn as causal or formal.Ideas & Inspirations: Angles and CurvesFeatured in EveryDay Gemstones by Bead Style
From Dakota Stones: 18x25mm Purple Crazy Lace Agate Faceted Trapezoid

There are so many things I love about this design! The beautiful swirly purple stones resemble the very rare stone Sugilite. The angles create a modern and asymmetric look.

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