July 2015
Finding Inspiration
Jess used 12mm Aquamarine Heishi
Hello hard working bead shop people! Sometimes it is hard to find new and different materials to incorporate into my designs. I worry that I've seen every stone there is, in all the same cuts, shapes and sizes. When I feel this stuck it is difficult to get inspired to create new work. One way I combat this is to remind myself that there are infinite color combinations to be made. I can get inspired just by mixing and matching the colorful stones I already own. That helps, but nothing sparks my creative fire more than finding something truly original and inspiring to mix in with my stone collection. In the above necklace, I infused the 12mm Aquamarine Heishi from the dsPremier line with some beads I had at home. The result was a fun, multi-textured necklace. I love it!

If you haven't already taken a peek at our dsPremier line, I would highly recommend checking it out. Jeff, the boss around here (when the five dogs in the office aren't pushing us around), hand-picked all the materials and personally designed each of the stone cuts for this line.

dsPremier Line
Amethyst Rough Coins
dsPremier Line
Spinel Rough Nuggets
dsPremier Line

Matte Rubies, dsPremier Line
When I first saw the dsPremier line I knew I had found the unique, fresh stones I had been looking for. For me, it was love at first sight! I had never seen anything like these high quality, semi-precious stones in rough coins and heishi's, matte finished rubies and free-form faceted nuggets. This new line has definitely taken my work in an inspired, new direction! Also, if you are looking for something more refined, we have a beautiful grouping of faceted rondelles in 4, 5 and 6mm. They are expertly cut and have a uniformity that is often hard to find. So come take a look and see what sparks your creativity!!!

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