Summer Color
earrings by Jess Prill
Hello hard working bead shop people! We have made it through the dark, cold days of winter (at least those of us who aren't selling beads on a tropical beach somewhere...hmmmm new life plan?) so now it's time to start gearing up for summer madness!
To help with the color and fun of summer we just got in a fun new line in our 16" strands. Bright, crazy colors to dazzle even the darkest day! Check out our impression jasper. I couldn't resist it, myself! There is a limited supply so shop early if you want to get it in! I used 4mm impression jasper rounds in various colors to make these earrings!


necklace by Jess Prill
Another fun summer stone is turquoise! We have a great new selection of beautiful colors and shapes of turquoise that work well for every type of bead enthusiast. We have strands from delicate to whimsical to chunky, over-the-top beads.
I couldn't wait to get started with the strands I picked out. I made this multi-strand necklace (pictured, right) with our 6x8 turquoise ovals, 4mm turquoise rondelles, 2mm green turquoise heishi, some accent beads and a fun peridot flower clasp.


60% OFF when you buy our 8" strands in bundles of 5 online!

You no longer need to go to a specific page to order a bundle. Just visit the 8" page, choose a stone type, change qty to 5 to get 60% off!!!

So now that you have been given this valuable tid-bit, you can stock up on our 8" line with tons of fun summer color at an even better price!

Here's to a fun summer filled with color and inspiration!

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