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LIGHT Bahi (Palm) 8mm Round 16
LIGHT Bahi (Palm) 8mm Round 16"

LIGHT Bahi (Palm) 8mm Round 16"

Origin: Indonesia
Approx. Bead per Strand: 50

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Bahi Wood comes from Palm trees. The light color indicates that it was harvested from a young tree. Young trees cannot be legally harvested, and the wood used to make them is only available after natural disasters fell young trees.

Like all of Dakota Stones items, our wood beads are top quality and sourced from the best ethically produced manufacturers. Natural wood beads have markings and color unique to their species. All wood beads on DakotaStones.com originate in the Philippines or Indonesia, and are indigenous to those countries. Our beads have not been dyed, treated, or color-enhanced.

  • Approx. Strand Length: 16 Inches
  • Approx. Beads Per Strand: 50
  • Approx. Hole Diameter: 0.8 - 1.1mm

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