Larimar is a cool blue stone, often with white inclusions that resemble ocean foam. It is a deep, summery stone, and extremely versatile in designs, which is why Dakota Stones offers a wide range of shapes to inspire designers. One might compare the blue with turquoise, as some specimens are known to have greenish undertones, and it is widely considered best when set in silver. 

Larimar was first mentioned in the early 20th century, when a monk in the Dominican Republic issued a request to their Ministry of Mining to explore the unique blue stone. Though this initial request was rejected, it was only a matter of time before the stone became widely sought after. Larimar has only been found in the Dominican Republic, and there it has become a distinct cultural marker. Mythology from the local indigenous tribes tell a story that the stone came from the ocean, and it really is no wonder. 

Faceted and shaped beads are rare, but at Dakota Stones we do offer slices and drops in our high end dsPremier line. Larimar is often found cut into cabochons, since it can be difficult to shape and cutters can ask a premium. Luckily, we work with master lapidary artists in diamond faceting and carving, who appreciate a challenge. Their color goes perfectly with a light pair of blue jeans, but can be dressed up with blue shades to match or bright colors to draw the eye in. 

If you ever want to close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on a beach with the clearest, bluest waters the earth has to offer, consider finding inspiration in a design featuring larimar. The metaphysical properties of this stone are said to be calming and stress relieving, like the sound of the ocean waves on a quiet day.

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