Rocky Butte Jasper is mined in Oregon and may have either dendritic or landscape qualities. It may also be called Rocky Butte Picture Jasper. The combination of color and pattern variation are reminiscent of Red Creek Jasper, although the colors are much more muted. Rocky Butte Jasper strands are predominantly shades of gray, brown and tan with some beads or inclusions of rust and rose.

American Jade is a nephritic Jade that may be found in various parts of the United States West Coast, with large deposits in Washington and California.  A diver in California actually found an underwater sea cave lined in a variety of pale green jade. Specimens he retrieved ranged in size from pebbles to boulders, using air bags to bring larger specimens to the surface. Most of the United States is “alluvial float” which has been washed down waterways from its original deposit site. Beachcombers may be able to find American Jade pebbles on beaches, most commonly in certain areas of California. American Jade can vary significantly in color from shades of pale green to pale blue to deeper green and black.

Kashgar Garnet is a “Garnet material”, meaning that the stone includes both Garnet and other rock. This stone is found in northern China. Higher quality Kashgar Garnet will have more visible red, fuchsia and pink tones, and greater translucency. Less valuable stones will exhibit minimal translucence or complete opacity, and fewer Garnet inclusions, resulting in a predominantly green or muddy looking stone.

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Date 1/19/2021

Thank you Erin for your clear explanations. I was wondering about Kashgar Garnet, just because no one I know knows about it so it could be cool, but it doesn't really sound cool to me after your explanation. I'll just stick with garnet garnet and andradite garnet.

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