Lucky Coin BraceletLucky Coin Bracelet


1. String your button or bead through both nylon cords and find the center. Tie an overhand know directly below the bead joining all 4 nylon cords.

2. Separate the cords so that you have two pairs. Thread one pair of cords through the same bead, in the opposite direction. As you pull the string to tighten, make sure the cords don't cross over each other.

3. Join the four strands together with an overhand know. Repeat step 2 to add another bead. You may want to alternate direction when tying the overhand know to make sure that the bracelet lays flat.

4. Continue to add beads until you have reached your desired length. Separate the cords so that you have two cords in the middle, and one cord on each side. Use your outer cords to tie square knots around the center cords. Alternate the right or left cord that you start with so you end up with a flat braid. Continue for an inch of knots, or until you can fold over the knotted section and easily fit your button or bead through the closure.

5. Join the loop together by tying a square knot using the same outside cords. Wrap the cords around the back of the bracelet and repeat. You can use glue to secure the knots. When using a waxed nylon cord, I typically use a thread zapper to melt the knot secure.

6. You can add additional charms and tassels with a jump ring.


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