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MATTE Sonora Jasper 8mm Round 16
MATTE Sonora Jasper 8mm Round 16'

MATTE Sonora Jasper 8mm Round 16"

Origin: Mexico
Approx. Bead per Strand: 50

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Sonora Jasper is the trade name for Sonora Dendritic. The stone was discovered in 2009 by a man in Mexico as a man chasing his goat up a mountain caught sight of an unusual rock. The first rough material was offered for sale in Tucson in 2011 and is now regularly mined at the remote deposit site in Sonora, Mexico. The stone's composition remains somewhat ambiguous, as it is softer than both Jasper and Rhyolite. The best available information indicates that the stone is a type of Dolomite that has been altered by volcanic activity. The stone includes shades of blue-gray, rust, gold, and rose along with deep maroon dendrites.

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