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MATTE Wood Opalite 8mm Round 8
MATTE Wood Opalite 8mm Round 8'

MATTE Wood Opalite 8mm Round 8"

Origin: Indonesia, USA
Approx. Bead per Strand: 25
Also Known As: Fossilized Wood, Agatized Wood

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Wood Opalite is a type of petrified wood that has been impregnated with the Silicon Dioxide commonly known as Opal. Wood Opalite occurs in a range of colors, primarily earth tones, including browns, grays, and creams. Petrified wood is created through a process called permineralization, which takes millions of years. When wood becomes covered with earth, decays and is exposed to mineral-rich water, mineral deposits can create stone in the place of the decaying wood. Through this process, all organic parts are replaced by minerals, while retaining the structure of the wood.

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