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March Newsletter
by Tia Darst

In This Month's Newsletter:

Tia's Favorite Tucson Booths

Stone of the Month Information (March)

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tucsonTia's Favorite Tucson Booths

The Bead Goes On

Sally and Amy of The Bead Goes On win the Best Booth award! These hard working women give 150% when designing their booth layout...and it shows. I am pretty sure they have scoured eastern Asia to bring us the finest adornments...exotic beads, copper, silver, and gold plated in every yogi symbol out there. My favorite part of their booth is the huge selection of beaded bangles. Be sure to check out their awesome website.

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Bella Venetian Beads

Dave and Kathy Fox travel to Italy to bring us REAL Venetian beads! They have the best selection of glass Venetian Beads and they now carry European Regaliz leather and components. I couldn't leave their booth without making sure to have purchased Rhinestone inlaid Regaliz leather (in RED of course) to adorn my dog Rocco's neck. He is a Prince after all!


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Garlan Chain Company

Simply put, I love chain! Gemstones and Chain, now that's my style! Garlan is an American manufacturer of chain and they've got a ton of styles and finishes to choose from. They have consistent quality and are the perfect chain resource for bead stores!

Garlan Chain Company Website

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Stone of the Month
March's Stone of the Month:
Necklace Designed by Bonnie Ogilvie-Apra

Dragon Blood Jasper:

A "stone of courage," Dragon's Blood Jasper is actually a variety of quartz that displays flecks and veins of red within an opaque green background. A legend says the stone is the remains of deceased ancient dragons - the green being the skin and the red,

the blood.

Metaphysically, Dragon's Blood Jasper is an intensely healing stone, promoting courage, strength, and vitality while also supporting centeredness and grounding.

Mined in South Africa.

Hardness: 7.0

Upcoming Stone of the Month:

April: Cherry Quartz

The stone of the month program is available exclusively to bead stores. Find out more about the stone of the month program. email: [email protected]


Show Schedule

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