Matte finished or frosted gemstones have become a popular design choice in jewelry.

They compliment many of the newer design materials such as- ribbon, leather, chain, rusted auto parts- or whatever designers dream up.

Matte finished beads work with many of the alternative metals and the variety of finishes now available- gun metal, copper, antiqued, etc.

Matte finish offers a subtle accent or an understated elegance to designs and is a great choice when designing men's jewelry.

The process to matte finish a bead is counter intuitive and actually requires more steps than the traditional polished stone.

The stone bead is put through all the normal steps of a polished bead- cut, drilled polished- then is goes back into the tumbler with a fine grit powder, water and additional tiny stones and tumbled to the desired look.

Each stone type requires a different amount of time in the tumbler depending on the material's hardness and characteristics.

Harder materials can require up to 2 hours in the tumbler and occasionally it takes multiple tumbles with different various sized grit powder.

Dakota Stones carries a wide variety of matte finished stone types as well
 as a more flashy polished version.


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