Dakota Stones brings our customers gemstones from all over the globe, but some of the most beautiful are mined on our own continent. Several of our featured stones this week are mined in Northern Mexico, an especially fertile spot on the globe for semi-precious gemstones. Mexican Laguna Lace Agate and Parral Dendritic Agate has been found near Chihuahua, in the north-central region of Mexico, and are among the many stones from Mexico that Dakota Stones offers on this site. Mexican Laguna Lace Agate features classic agate highlights -- bands of beautiful colors swirling and bisecting each stone -- making it one of the most prized agates in the world. Parral Dendritic Agate is much different, with creamy, muted colors permeated by black tendrils of manganese branching through the stone.

It is not surprising that so many stones come from the same region when you consider the many companies that mine in northern Mexico, mostly for the silver, gold, zinc and lead deposits there. The Naica Mine near Saucillo, Mexico, is mined for silver, lead and zinc, but also produces some of the largest selenite crystals ever found. Where you find deposits of one mineral often results in adjoining deposits of varied gemstones.

A tour through our inventory reveals many other gemstones with Mexican origins: Crazy Lace Agate, Snowflake Obsidian, Imperial Jasper, Porcelain Jasper, Mexican Red Snowflake Jasper, Red Lightning Agate, Agua Nueva and Fire Opal, among many others.

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