Indigo gabbro is a color variant of the igneous mineral, gabbro. Typically, this color forms black, but occasionally gabbro comes in oranges and greens, with indigo being the most rare. You may be already familiar with gabbro, as the pattern has been a modern choice for countertops and other surfaces, these usually made with inclusions of olivine or white quartz that resemble granite. 

However, indigo gabbro is a very new gemstone, having been discovered fairly recently. Because Gabbro is an igneous material, it can be found in vents on the ocean floor! In fact, gabbro is one of the most abundant substances found on earth, as it makes up a great deal of area under the ocean. However, these minerals are very abundant in the United States, and even close by in Duluth, Minnesota. 

Because of its association with the earth, metaphysically, this stone can be used to ground the wearer during stressful periods, or during meditation. This stone is considered to have many different metaphysical properties, which has earned it the nickname Merlin stone, or merlinite. 

It is porous, like lava rock, so please take care around liquid substances that could seep into the material.