Blue Chalcedony is the oldest trade material from Anatolia of Turkey and has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. The name “chalcedony” is originally “Kalsedon,” which comes from the name of ancient Anatolian port named Kalkedon. The name is still used today for any related materials with the same chemical composition.

In ancient times, most of the stamps or seals in Europe and Middle East were made of chalcedony due to its hardness and durability. Today, they can easily be found in many museums in Europe and Middle East.

Chalcedony forms in colors ranging from grayish to purplish blues. It is said this stone is good for blood circulation, balance, memory and speech, and that it helps with learning languages and expression. It is also thought to be connected with the crown, throat and heart chakras. The Romans have called Chalcedony a “lawyer stone,” as those who hold it seem to have success in the court.

A traditional birthstone for May, dakotastones A-grade Turkish Blue Chalcedony is naturally occuring with no inclusions.