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Morganite 6x8-8x10mm Pebble 16
Morganite 6x8-8x10mm Pebble 16'

Morganite 6x8-8x10mm Pebble 16"

Origin: Brazil
Also Known As: Pink Beryl, Pink Emerald

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Morganite gets its pink hue from the presence of manganese or cesium in the stone. It's actually a pink variety of Beryl -- the family of gemstones that also includes Aquamarine, Emerald and Heliodore -- and is often cut to highlight its chatoyant qualities. Its color can be a soft pink, a warm peach, or some degree of pink in between. The stone was discovered by George D. Kunz, the same gemologist that discovered Kunzite, and was named Morganite in honor of John Pierpoint Morgan, who was a great admirer and collector of gemstones.

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