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Moss Agate 4mm Square Chips 16
Moss Agate 4mm Square Chips 16'

Moss Agate 4mm Square Chips 16"

SKU: mos4squ
Origin: USA
Also Known As: These beads are “diamond cut,” meaning that their facets were cut using industrial grade diamond. The cleaner facet from this cutting process results

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Montana Moss Agate is an unusual Moss Agate in that it exhibits some banding, along with the dendritic inclusions of manganese and iron typical of Moss Agate. It is a transparent to translucent stone that occurs in milky white, gray and rusty oranges and reds with black, white, gray and brown banding and dendritic patterns. Historically, Moss Agate has been considered a crystal of agricultural abundance and used as a healing stone by tribal priests and as a talisman for warriors.

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