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Neutral Colors: The Perfect Base for Your Design
Posted by Dakota Stones to Articles

The best thing about neutral (or natural) colors is they can be a consistent backdrop for ever-changing trends -- you can offset pretty much any color with a good base. This means that whatever colors are brought to the table, whatever year, you can seamlessly blend with a solid, classic neutral that will only serve to support your design.

Here, I mixed neutrals like our new dendritic opal, natural druzy & black jade with a gorgeous pop of deep purple lepidolite.

I have also found that stones can be very forgiving in terms of color matching. Natural colored stones can blend in almost any direction -- from red to yellow to blue and green. Here is an example of how to mix and match off-white, such as our new mother of pearl, with pops of orange, teal and gray/beige.

This theory also works in reverse, you can use a neutral shade like river stone as the standout color by blending in darker stones like black silver leaf and picasso jaspers.

Happy Stranding!
Meredith @ Dakota Stones

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