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New Tech = New Cut | ds 3mm Bicones
Posted by Dakota Stones to Articles

dakotastones has been working for over a decade to cut traditional stone bicones. With recent advancements made in small scale lapidary, our factory established a diamond-cut stone line based on this classic shape. The most amazing thing is that each facet point is cut by hand, which creates organically beautiful 3-4mm bicones available in a variety of popular stone types.

For this first round of cutting, we stayed with more classic birthstone colors such as amethyst, crystal & garnet. We work specifically with harder stone types to construct solid facets without much breakage. As a result, you will see that this cut reflects light that is quite different than the more common faceted rounds or rondelles:

This size and shape can be used in any number of designs and are a great alternative to more common faceted stones. If you like these, stay tuned! We are planning to move up to 5mm bicones in the near future!

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Gary Huguenard Date 4/20/2019
Great Look......!!!
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