November Newsletter

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November Newsletter
by Tia Darst

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Bead Store Feature | Lady Bug Beads


Stone of the Month Information (November)

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Fall is definitely among us. I write this as it is 40 degrees and raining, and I think a snowflake made an appearance (keep in mind I'm in Minnesota so the chances are good that you are in a better weather situation). The big weather shift reminds me that the Holiday Season is soon approaching. So, let's get your store a Pick Box for your upcoming season!

PickBoxPick Box

A pick box is a selection of many stones in different shapes and sizes.

You can keep the pick box until December 17th!

We will cater the selection to your store's needs.

Pick Box Details

BeadStoreFeatured Bead Store | Lady Bug Beads, St. Louis, MO

Susan and Michael Rabbit have a beautiful 3000+ square foot bead store in St. Louis, Missouri and have been open for over 9 years. I have been honored to visit their bead store! Their store is impressive but not only that, it sits beautifully next to their huge garden and Koi Pond. It's a bead store situated next to a Rainforest!

Read Lady Bug's Story and become inspired!


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SOTMStone of the Month
November's Stone of the Month:

Red Tiger Iron Necklace

Red Tiger Iron is composed of 2 billion year old sedimentary deposits of 3 stones; Tiger's Eye, Red Jasper and Hematite. Both Tiger Eye and Jasper are members of the quartz family and hematite is an iron oxide. Metaphysically, Red Tiger Iron enhances power, passion, and creativity. It is also very protective, especially from danger.

Hardness: 7.0

Upcoming Stone of the Month:

December: Snowflake Obsidian

January: Smoky Quartz

The stone of the month program is available exclusively to bead stores. Find out more about the stone of the month program. email: [email protected]

ShowsShow Schedule

Upcoming Bead Shows:

February 2 - 15

Tucson, ArizonaG&LW Gem Mall Booth #2309

February 2 - 15

Tucson, ArizonaGIGM Show (Grant Inn)


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farhad shah

Date 2/5/2013

we have huge quantity of tiger iron in rough and we also make tambling of it we need buyer of tiger iron

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