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PANTONE 2018 | Bringing The Color Classics
Posted by Erin to Articles

In addition to Pantone’s Fashion palette for the season, they also thoughtfully provide some classic staples that look great and can bring out the more subdued side of super-saturated colors.

Sailor Blue:

Coconut Milk:

Harbor Mist:

Warm Sand:

A strong dose of neutral gray makes the bright red and green of Cherry Tomato and Arcadia into a completely wearable range. Remember that brighter colors can *always* become classy accents.

Cherry Tomato:
Red Coral


A more saturated color can make a potentially “meh” palette into a sophisticated masterpiece. A dose of Spring Crocus kicks up the appeal of Almost Mauve and Harbor Mist.

Almost Mauve:
Matte Rose Quartz

Spring Crocus:
Matte Ruby

Spring Crocus:
Pink/Gray Tourmaline


Does anything scream class quite like a warm cream color? Coconut Milk is, honestly, going to pair with just about anything. When you add stone to the equation, you also get to see the opacity of White African Opal against the chatoyancy of Peach Moonstone and the effect is perfection.

Booming Dahlia:
Peach Moonstone

Coconut Milk:
White African Opal


A deep, dark blue, like Pantone’s Sailor Blue screams country club class. Pair it with Cherry Tomato and a classy, colorful bright blue to rock brights in the most tasteful of ways.

Sailor Blue:
Sunset Dumortierite

Cherry Tomato:

Got any great color combos you’re willing to share? Send pics or proposals to [email protected]!

                                                                  - Erin

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