Post Bead Fest Love Fest | Dakota Stones and Candie Cooper - Loving Her Look
As we wrap up Bead Fest Philadelphia, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how lucky we are to see how Candie Cooper uses in Dakota Stones in her designs and classes. She's a great source of inspiration, energy, and positivity, and Candie's personal accessorizing aesthetic reminds us that there is no such thing as "too much jewelry".

Here are some of our favorite Candie Cooper looks from Spring/Summer 2017.

This tasty confection is from a class Candie's been teaching, and really brings out her mixed media aesthetic. Leather and Blue Crazy Lace Agate are a perpetual winning combo with a laid back vibe- and Candie's use of large hole beads and multiple leather strands results in a finished piece with personality.

These darling earrings are from a class Candie teaches using tools from ImpressArt, and we love how textured metal (especially silver) makes blues and greens wonderfully wearable with anything, regardless of shade. This pair features matte Cuprite, and would be just as great with African Turquoise, Sodalite, Bloodstone, or even Pyrite to keep them totally neutral.


I got the task of assembling this bracelet set for a kit Candie Cooper showcased on JTV earlier this year for Dakota Stones. I tried to step outside my comfort zone (which would have been the same stone on each bracelet) and mix and match the stones and stringing pattern. It was a fun creative challenge, much helped by the fact that Howlite, Jade, and Sodalite play so well together.

This shot is just ah-mazing and a combo you could conceivably see on Candie in person on a regular day, because she's not only a jewelry genius, she's a styling queen. There is so much to love in the collection as a whole, as well as within individual elements. Obviously, we're quite taken with how the Red Jasper, Lapis, Kambaba Jasper, White African Opal, Olive Jade and Fossil Coral play in the whole glass/metal/stone/Lucite combo. In addition to being the stuff layering dreams are made of, this pic is proof that you can pair stone with anything to make a collection uniquely yours.

Erin, Dakota Stones

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