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Purple Turquoise is back! But it wasn't easy...
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Back after a four-year absence! We've had many requests to bring back Purple Turquoise, but had difficulties trying to source the Kingman metal matrix turquoise material needed to cut beads. Finally, we were able to acquire the material at the end of 2017. Unfortunately, our cutters had issues polishing the material, and we received far fewer strands than we hoped.

We work directly with stone cutters to ensure that our beads meet strict standards. That means good color and pattern, perfectly round rounds, consistent size in each bead, and laser-drilled holes. It also means that we know that all our beads are produced by fairly paid workers in safe conditions.

The look of the end product in this batch of Purple Turquoise was not the same quality we have seen in past batches. The strands are still beautiful, but the polish on the stone is more matte in appearance, and the metal matrix is not as bright as we would have liked.

We are a company of artisans, adventurers, and stone lovers, and we want to be proud of every bead we make. Dakota Stones believes every bead should be usable- no discards from half-drilled holes, surface cracks, or dimples. At the end of the day, we manufacture products that meet the quality standards of our in-house design and production teams, and the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Purple Turquoise Free Form PendantPurple Turquoise 8mm Round

Although we are a little disappointed with the final product, we still wanted to offer these strands of Purple Turquoise to you. There are limited quantities available of each style and, as always, we stand behind our  products. If it doesn’t meet with your approval, send it back to us. We want you to love your Dakota Stones.

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Sarah Dutko Date 2/28/2019
Are you getting the rough direct from the Colbaughs? Because they stand behind their product, and if you are disappointed in the quality, I would definitely bring it up to them, they will make it right! They have quality turquoise, and they treat their customers right.
David Stillwell Date 3/1/2019
Is this dyed?
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