We're always boasting about how all of our staff (not just the sales reps) knows and loves stones. To prove it, I grabbed a few of our crew members to share some of their personal favorites.

Alex (Buyer, Receiver, and Protector of Shipments) Fun fact: Alex is ridiculously competent. He started at Dakota Stones about two years ago with zero rock experience and now boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of stone lore. He once described his relationship with beads as "I'm like Smaug. [the dragon from 'The Hobbit'] I don't do anything with the beads. I just protect my treasure." Alex declined the opportunity to be photographed sleeping on a pile of beads.

*If* we manage to convince Alex to take part in that photo opp, you'll likely see him on a mound of Lapis, Iron Zebra Jasper, and K2. He mentioned these as favorites because blue is his favorite color, he likes the unique pattern in each Iron Zebra Jasper bead, and that K2 looks 'cool' and has an interesting origin. Given that K2 comes from the second highest mountain in the world, and Alex's self-identification with a mountain-dwelling, treasure-hoarding dragon of great ferocity, I'm going to tread more carefully around him in the future. (Totally kidding, any of you who've met Alex at a show or in the showroom know he's wicked smart, but not at all wicked.)


Ricky (Account Rep, Rising Social Media Star) is big on 12mm Matte Cuprite and 15-20mm Larimar Nuggets, as well as our Matte Ruby Rounds. Any of you who've seen Ricky know that he's not afraid to accessorize or use color. One of my favorite Ricky pieces is a leather macrame dream incorporating the matte Ruby with leather. Actually, you rarely see Ricky without some great piece of jewelry. The matte Cuprite is completely in keeping with his love of blues and greens and I've seen him hoarding a couple strands, although he refuses to divulge his plans. Ricky's been in the stone business a long time, and I'd be lying if I didn't call him out as a fellow-lover of the rare and expensive. Like the Cuprite, his favorite Larimar strand draws on subtle blues and pleasant heft. Again, he's refusing to disclose any plans. Admittedly, Ricky may have decided to become more guarded with his co-workers since we caught him off-guard at the end of last Tuesday's Facebook Live video.


Jeff (Owner, Chief Dispenser of Pithy Wit) is all about the stuff that Dakota Stones has innovated or introduced to the market. Which is fair, since he's been the genius behind bringing matte finish to Carnelian and Red Garnet and tracking down our recent lot of vintage Hubei Turquoise. Jeff declined to elaborate further, saying something about having a business to run, and stones to source, and other important-sounding things.



Kayla (Account Rep, Cool Kid, and Superhuman) Kayla's our trend watcher. Plus, she currently sports a variety of fantastic hair colors and seems to need zero sleep. She's not just a full time rep for Dakota Stones, she's throwing in some college courses, her own jewelry line, and teaches dance. You wanna talk Rock Star - that's Kayla. Also, she's the first person to point me to the must-see items in shipments. Kayla was the hardest pressed to narrow down her favorites. She pointed out our new AA-grade Pink Tourmaline (it's worth noting that Kayla's hair is currently a similar shade, Crystal Sticksalthough not as sparkly). She also does some seriously killer work with crystal points and top-drilled sticks of any kind. Kayla's also a fan of K2 (she made bracelets for all of us!), has made a magical piece with Mexican Laguna Lace Agate, and shares my belief that White African Opal is a bead stash staple.


Erin (That's me! Social Media and Sparkle Junkie) I don't think it's any secret that I'm obsessed with our Multi-Color Sapphire strands, Faceted Garnet Rondelles, or Faceted Labradorite rondelles. Between the projects I've shared with you here and on Facebook it's abundantly clear that I can't get enough. Subtle's never really been my strong suit and I love working with stones that stand out. If we're being honest, when I'm having a bad day, I go to my work area and just look at these guys.

Multi Sapphire

Faceted Red Garnet

Labradorite Rondelles

Thanks for sticking with this blog to the end! Hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing, and that you feel like you know us a little bit better. If you'll be at Bead and Button, don't be shy! Stop by our booth and let us get to know you!
Erin, Dakota Stones

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