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Rhodochrosite 4mm Round 15-16
Rhodochrosite 4mm Round 15-16'

Rhodochrosite 4mm Round 15-16"

Origin: Argentina
Approx. Bead per Strand: 104
Also Known As: Raspberry Spar, Manganese Spar, Inca Rose

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Rhodochrosite is a bubblegum pink to rose red stone, with occasional inclusions of creamy white and dark grey. A manganese carbonate material of the Calcite group, Rhodochrosite has a pearly luster and often displays banded patterning. It is considered a stone of love and has been called the Stone of the Compassionate Heart. One of its aliases is Inca Rose, so named because the ancient Incas believed the stone to be the petrified blood of their ancestral rulers.

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